A Place For Poetry

A Magic Quite Simple

I could tell you the story,

Of Jackie and Lyn,

And lie at its start,

And lie at its end.


How Jackie was handsome,

A way with his talk,

And Lyn she a beauty,

A grace in her walk.


How they met at the corner,

Of Hello and Goodbye,

Their love was an instant,

No struggle or try.


How Jackie was gentle,

A kindness quite true,

He opened all doors,

Knew just what to do.


And Lyn she would smile,

And hold him so tight,

How people would marvel,

And nod at the sight.


I could tell you their love,

Was an epic of time,

A fable of answers,

A spirited rhyme.


A thing to admire,

And hold to your heart,

But remember I lied,

At the end and the start.


For Jackie was foolish,

Never opened a door,

Thought love would be easy,

No struggle in store.


He treated dear Lyn,

Like nothing at all,

And she let him go,

And she let him fall.


For he wasn’t that handsome,

A stuttering talk,

She sometimes a beauty,

A hitch in her walk.


But once they did meet,

At Hello and Goodbye,

And something was there,

Both truth and a lie.


So believe in the real,

How he failed to the end,

And wasn’t that nice,

To a girl he named Lyn.


But I’ll stick to the story,

With charm at its heart,

A magic quite simple,

It has a sweet start.


On the corner of something,

Right next to Goodbye,

Their love was no struggle,

And he caught her eye.


She held him quite tight,

This beauty called Lyn,

And their love lingers on,

Never finding its end.